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Guest blog

Treasurer – Director

The Treasurer is a director of NeuroDiverse Self Advocacy Partnership CIC (NDSA) and shares responsibility with the rest of the board for the governance of the organisation. …

IT Director and digital leader

Voluntary role If building a secure digital infrastructure for an exciting peer to peer support project which could make a huge difference to thousands of people excites you, talk to us. You could be located anywhere in UK as this is a remote opportunity. What will you be doing? You would need to be able … Read more

Elastigirl: The Autistic Zebra

I have lived with the symptoms of EDS my entire life, with joint pain and symptoms of POTS appearing when I was a toddler, although being so small I was unable to adequately express what I was experiencing. Having lived with a certain degree of chronic pain and fatigue my entire life, and being unable to remember a time when I did not live in agony, I assumed it was a completely normal part of the human experience and I was simply lazy and weak for being unable to push through like everyone else did. …

Flow Unlocked: an interim reflection

Dr Georgia Pavloopoulou is an autism researcher specialising in family research and autistic mental health. She uses community based participatory methodologies guided by the lifeworld of the participant . Her recent study on the impact of COVID19 on family members of autistic people, showed how lacking society’s understanding is of #autistic lives and the wider autistic community. We have co-established FlowUnlocked to address this urgent issue. …

Living for the HEATWAVE!

I went round to give my boyfriend a hand with some DIY this morning and he invited me in for a natter, as he wasn’t ready to start yet. So 10 minutes in, I begin getting twitchy. Why? I’m looking out of the window at a gorgeous blue sky. I can feel the heat through … Read more

My Attitude to Autism

“It would have been so easy,” Mum says, “just to say ‘oh, she’s Autie’, on so many occasions.” We’re talking about how Mum and Dad have pushed me through the years, not to be normal, but so I would do better on my own. We shared the same attitude towards parents who prefer to shelter … Read more