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We are a not-for-profit organisation run by autistic volunteers. We offer an online forum and community of neurodivergent people who support, problem-solve and advocate for ourselves as a group ..Read more >

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We want to transform attitudes to autism in the UK and beyond, and to develop the services that are relevant and helpful to all autistic people ..Read more >

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Because we are run by autistic adults for autistic adults – we understand you and can provide advice based on our own insight and lived experience. We can respond and act on what our users are saying ..Read more >

Tool Up Mentoring Programme

We are helping autistic people to find and progress in fulfilling employment through our new Tool Up Mentoring programme.

It includes:
– Weekly one hour one to one mentoring sessions;
– An online employment readiness course;
– An online support group.
Our Tool Up Mentoring programme will help you to formulate and progress towards your employment goal. Take a step towards a fulfilling career and join our Tool Up mentoring programme.
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Email: toolup@ndsa.uk

We are recruiting mentors and mentees for our Tool Up mentoring into employment programme in Buckinghamshire funded by the UK Community Renewal Fund.

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I entered the autism space by advocating and dealing with my children’s diagnosis and SEN provisions at school. However soon I realised that autism, or then Asperger, was the name for what was happening to me all my life. Watching my girls, I know building positive autism identity is hugely important. I came across some demeaning and dehumanising con-versations about autistic people and realised that equality is not a forgone conclusion. We need to work for it for us and for the sake of our children. So I joined with others to start this group.-Maria, Director at NDSA

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