Neurodiverse Self Advocacy Forum

The meeting place
for the neurodivergent community.

We are a not-for-profit organization
run by autistic volunteers.
We offer an online forum and community
of neurodivergent people who support each other,
problem-solve together and advocate for ourselves as a group.

We want to transform attitudes to autism in society
and develop new services, relevant to us.

Why choose us

  • We are run by autistic adults for autistic adults – we understand you and can provide advice based on our own insight and lived experience.
  • We can respond and act on what users are saying (e.g.by developing new services and advocating as a group).
  • Users can remain anonymous.

Our Vision

We want to transform attitudes to autism in the UK and beyond, and to develop services that are relevant and helpful to all autistic people.

I entered the autism space by advocating and dealing with my children’s diagnosis and SEN provisions at school. However soon I realised that autism, or then Asperger, was the name for what was happening to me all my life. Watching my girls, I know building positive autism identity is hugely important. I came across some demeaning and dehumanising con-versations about autistic people and realised that equality is not a forgone conclusion. We need to work for it for us and for the sake of our children. So I joined with others to start this group.-Maria, Director at NDSA

Join our forum and
community, contribute and
receive support.

Join us as volunteer and help
to build awareness of the
tools and services autistic
adults need.

We are a non profit run by
volunteers. Please support us
with donations.

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