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Through support group

Post/pre identification support, helping autistic people to build confidence and a positive autism identity.

Pathway Mentor Course

Autistic? You could be helping an autistic adult to navigate their autistic identity, achieve their goals and remove the barriers that…

The Pathway Programme

Post identification support, helping autistic people to build confidence and a positive identity by enabling them to achieve their goals.

Tool Up Mentoring programme

Diagnosed or self-identify as autistic? Struggling to find employment or progress in your current role? Take a step towards…

Become a mentor

You could be helping an autistic adult to achieve life changing step into employment and develop your own mentoring skills.

Autism training

Looking to understand how to best accomodate autistic employees or to serve autistic customers? We provide autism training..

Consulting services

We can help to employ autistic employees or to serve autistic customers with confidence. Our service incorporates the latest…


For Tool up programme

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    What People Say

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    I’ve found the mentoring sessions to be invaluable. Thank you for allowing me to participate.

    I have used the disability-specific alumni careers service at university, and attempted to engage with the jobcentre about accessing training… This has been by far the most useful as, with my mentor being autistic, he totally understands the world I live in and the challenges I face. He is where I want to be and is best positioned on advising me how to navigate the scary world of how to be an effective adult and have a lasting, fulfilling career.

    I wouldn’t say I’m searching for a job. I fell on lucky and got a wonderful job doing something that I love but my passion lies in research and I’d like to make that my vocation. My mentoring sessions have provided me with a clear vision on how I can achieve my objectives, and that they are achievable.


    This has been such a great, empowering experience overall, so thank you to yourself and all at Tool Up for this fantastic opportunity.

    I have also found the mentoring invaluable and helped me to get a new job which meets my needs. For me the information on branding and retaining employment was great, in particular how we can meet our own needs and learn to be assertive so that others meet them too. My mentor is great in sharing her perspective with me to broaden my understanding and confidence in my own skills, whilst being led by my preferences and needs in each session. We have built on what was in the course eg. personal branding, to look at how I can go and create my own personal brand. This has given me much confidence at work and understanding of this concept.

    Impressive breadth of topics

    I’m really impressed with the breadth of topics offered on the webinars, really useful stuff.


    ”Hi, I am new to the forum, but I have to say it’s my favourite ever autism forum, the users are all chilled and fab, I got bullied, mocked and abused on other forums, so I gave them up- and even groups on Facebook are not all innocent, so it is so refreshing to find a Autistic community who really do accept you for who you are. I love the NDSA and the ND movement…”