About autism

1. What autism is

Part 1 – What autism is

2. A human picture

Part 2 – A human picture of autism

3. Theories of autism organisation

Part 3 – Theories of autism

4. Autism as a disability

Part 4 – Autism as a disability

5. Neurodiversity

Part 5 – Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity with Ari Ne’eman

Watch an excellent lecture from Ari Ne’eman – a one and a half hour long talk plus a 30 minutes Q&A.

“Operationalizing Neurodiversity: How should the Neurodiversity Movement Shift Autism Service-Provision and Research?”

6. Quality of life

Part 6 – Quality of life

7. Changing the narrative

Part 7 – Changing the narrative

A powerful TED talk by Jac Den Houting