What is the uniqueness of this organisation?
  • Utilising the talents and knowledge of autistic people to support themselves and each other.
  • For autistic adults currently ignored or ineligible for services, by autistic people, peer to peer.
  • We catch those that fall through the gap, adults that are undiagnosed, late diagnosed, the misdiagnosed.
  • We aim to support autistic people based on their individual needs in overcoming the specific barriers they face in their wellbeing, employment, family life and participation in the community.
  • We are the experts on our condition, we know the system because we have direct experience of it. Understanding autism from within provides the right perspective to shape and channel support.
  • Autistic people speaking for themselves, not through ‘experts’ or NT family members.
  • National scale and a forum based organisation enables to achieve scale to meet the broadest possible range of needs and harness the contributions of autistic people who are currently not served by available services to improve the input of autistic people into the understanding of their needs and ways to meet them.
  • Shifting focus from seeing autistic people as being receivers of care and benefits and being primarily a cost to society, towards enabling de-stigmatisation and acceptance of autism, enabling autistic people to be in gainful employment, function independently and participate fully in all aspects of life as they choose.