We are a group that came together on the autism related forum to form this voluntary not for profit organisation.


Chair. I entered the autism space by advocating and dealing with my children’s diagnosis and SEN provisions at school. However soon I realised that autism, or then Asperger, was the name for what was happening to me all my life.  I am an MBA qualified chemical engineer by training and worked in blue chip companies in new product development and marketing.  I have 12 years’ experience of advocacy and 8 years’ experience of advising people on a popular forum for parents. Watching my girls, I know building positive autism identity is hugely important. I came across some demeaning and dehumanising conversations about autistic people and realised that equality is not a forgone conclusion. We need to work for it for us and for the sake of our children. So I joined with others to start this voluntary organisation.


Treasurer. I am an electrical engineer. I moderate a professional forum and manage my own electronics business. I hope to see a change in attitude towards “autistic” people and have a decent online platform to use. I believe we should be pushing the idea that there is a diversity in society. There is a sliding scale from NT to Autistic. The cut-off point between NT and Autistic is impossible to define, we are proof of that in trying to help those that miss out on a diagnosis. We should be pushing for an understanding that we are not all the same and there should be more tolerance in society.


Alex is an MBA qualified, international finance executive with a proven track record over the last 20+ years working across all aspects of operational finance, restructuring and transformation, P&L turnarounds as well as managing complex international controllership, audit and risk mitigation activities. During this time Alex also held several international board positions most recently in the UK as a trustee of his company’s pension plan.


Volunteer financial auditor and advisor, chartered management accountant with 16 years’ experience in a variety of sectors. Before he was analyst at UBS, PwC and GE Capital. Currently works as a finance manager and a strategy consultant for a couple of firms


BSc Electronic, Computer and Systems Engineering with a career in Aircraft Systems and hobbies with hardware/Software on Windows/Mac machines. Diagnosed in Sept 2019 at 51 with Asperger’s. Learning lots about the journey as an adult whilst finding the gaps in the world view of Neuro-Divergent people.


I work in the optical industry. Been doing it 30 years. I’m the big-data guy at the company I work for these days but I’ve done loads of different jobs in the business. I am also Autistamatic and rum my own autistic vlog.


I have skills in website design, art, running a business, social media, marketing strategy. I hope the world would understand autistic people better and do things in a logical order.