This is the registration form to join our Tool Up Mentoring into Employment programme for Autistic people in the capacity of person to be mentored or to receive training as a mentor. Mentors don’t need to be autistic, but we welcome autistic mentors. If you are neurodivergent, but not autistic, register your interest and we will try to run a project for neurodivergent people later in the year.

We are looking for mentors from a broad range of industries and are pairing mentors and mentees based on personal fit. However due to high demand mentees may be placed on a waiting list. We are looking for mentors of all walks of life including farmers, game designers, sound editors/designers, animators, journalists and creative writers.

To provide you with a good experience and to maximize chances of success we need to ask you a few questions about your circumstances and your preferences. We also need participants’ information to conduct the evaluation of the success of this pilot project to make such projects available for more people.

    Please note – None of the information on this form except the username will be publicly visible.

    We need more information to pair you with a suitable mentor/mentee.

    Your information will be treated confidentially for the purpose of this project as described above. The data controller is Neurodiverse Self Advocacy Partnership CIC.

    Your data will be stored in UK on our server. Anonymised data (without your name and address) will be processed by researchers including Dr Damian Milton and Susan Ridout for the evaluation of results.

    Your data will not be made available to anyone else except in cases defined in law with a court order. Your data will be stored for one year, anonymised data will be stored for 3 years for evaluation. You have the right to the copy of your data.