Why autism eugenics is everybody’s business


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I’m reposting my comment on this blog article - https://ndsa.uk/content/why-autism-eugenics-is-everybodys-business/
- here
[Image description of my comment for screen reader software - text reads: “The opposition to eugenics here is weak, half hearted and sells out disabled people who aren’t useful to white supremacist capitalism. You aren’t campaigning against eugenics - you are campaigning against the application of eugenic principles to a subset of a disabled community you think should be spared. You have cited instruments of eugenics such as IQ tests and reinforced the eugenic idea that a persons worth depends on their economic value and how much they add to the GDP. SBC and hate groups like autism speaks have done incalculable damage to our community but in your “opposition” to them you have lent legitimacy to their project. Write this again but this time in full solidarity with all disabled people. This is disgraceful.”]


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Thank you for your constructive comments.
Thank you for responding positively and recognising that I have made a good faith criticism of the arguments made in the above blog post as an autistic member of this community. It’s truly appreciated - a lot of people and organisations get very defensive as no doubt you know.