Special Interests


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Just wanted to share these 2 Funko Pops that I got for my birthday today. Admittedly, they're wrestling ones and if you've read my post from last week you'll know I've fallen out with wrestling, but these guys haven't personally done anything wrong (as far as I know) and they're great at what they do so why not celebrate them with Funko Pops? šŸ˜ Plus, my wife bought them 2nd hand off eBay so not financially supporting WWE in any way.



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One of the few things to come out of my downsizing mood has been an open space at the side of one of my bookcases. I now have my very own Pop! wall. Got some other collectable on display now as well and might even be able to put out my trophies.


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I have a special interest in rapping. My favourite rapper was Juice Wrld. I want to become a great rapper. I write lyrics by myself and collect fan posters of big rappers to get motivation and improve my work.


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I collect some Funko pops myself, but my girlfriend has the majority of our's. I also make some music from time to time as I play bass and guitar, I like making bonsai as well.


My special interests includes reading books mostly related to psychology, spirituality, emotional intelligence and life coaching. I think these topics are not too much covered in our life and despite they are very important for our lives.


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My special interests include the shoes and boots that are particularly good for people suffering from wide feet, plantar fasciitis and high arches so that they can walk with comfort.