Shall we start a folding@home and/or other BOINC Grid computing team(s)

I am an avid volunteer of various Grid computing projects. These work by having some software that runs in the background on your computer and connects to the projects server to download data to work on and then re-uploads the results. Scientists working on various projects use these systems to aid their research instead of using expensive supercomputers we are all combined together the worlds most powerful computer. Any type of PC or laptop (which may get warm) can be used with folding at home and BOINC projects. Even smart phones can be used with BOINC. Graphics cards are used by some projects like Folding@Home, i have 2 Graphics cards installed as when I upgraded to a new card i put the old one back in as a secondary just to do folding work.

You can create teams for these projects so that people con have their computation work counted together. Would anyone be interested in starting a team with me?734-res.jpg
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