Sensory breaks


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I have heard some things about integrating sensory breaks regularly throughout the day to support sensory processing and wondered if anyone had any success or experience with it?


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Hi there -
I think they can be helpful. However, sometimes the sensory break can have the unintentional result of stimuli seeming more intense returning to the original environment.
I MUST take sensory breaks throughout my day otherwise I would be in a constant state of heightened anxiety. Just a quiet, dark place to have five minutes of mindful breathing can really help. I often have slowly mounted pressure that creeps in and at some point realise my chest is uncomfortable - it's because I have not been breathing.

I am easily distracted by noise or conversations so I work with noise-cancelling headphones. Though I work from home at the moment, I used to have on my desk a little flip-sign that I made so it is clear to everyone else what I am up to. Kind of a is a traffic light system!
Blue means 'working, but up for a chat'
Green means 'working, up for a work-related chat but not to chat about your cat'
Amber means 'working on something requiring concentration, but I am not on a deadline
Red means 'I am hyperfocused right now, please only disrupt me if it is urgent or very important.'
The fire symbol means 'Do not interrupt my quiet unless the building is literally on fire.'