Inaspectrum Celebrating Networking Week and longer


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Been going for 6 months now a weekly zoom meeting discussing all things Autism
open to any ADULT has a positive interest in Autism.
We have a loose agenda covering all things autism, people are invited to bring up their own ideas/ topics to each meeting.
You need not come at the start or wait till the end, come and go as you feel is right for you.

Topic: Inaspectrum Adult Autism Every Wednesday Meeting 11am to 1pm

Inaspectrum Adult-Autism is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting by sending an email with a little self-introduction to INASPECTRUM@HOTMAIL.COM

Inaspectrum has been going for 6 +years as a peer support group, previously meeting twice face to face and growing nicely until covid struck, to try and regain the momentum we changed to 8 times a month online. great not to travel and saves time and money.
I am a mentee on the present NDSA course, I believe in the value of communication as a most important skill even though not that good at it:)

Take care