How do you work?


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I've had a few jobs, mostly seasonal, both high intensity working with people that need a lot of interaction (summer, looking after children with special needs. Winter, performing shows of the polar express on a train)
I hated them, because I burnt out so fast and they had such horrible impact on my already terrible mental health

My mom is adamant that I will set a full time job now I've finished uni, she is adamant I will work, she refuses to even consider I would maybe work part time or seek benefits. She refuses to understand why I am petrified to get a job which might end up with me becoming so much more mentally ill, which I don't see as possible because right now I'm already very suicidal.

How do other autistics work, even with accomodations in place
What accomodations actually benefit you???
How would I go about explaining to people I just don't think I can work