New member
HI I am David new memeber, so hello all :)
I think the site is amazing found it via link on twitter in someones thread, the mentor aspect is brilliant and i would like to mentor others, if i have the chance to do the training here going forward.
I am autistic and Dyslexic, dyspraxic, i suspect ADD is also part of my profile. i also have PTSD following an attack in 2018 where i had to fight for my surival in a life threatening gang attack, the therapy i had after this also highlighted the fact my PTSD was older then that attack but the thearpy helped me massively. I work as a change coach helping people make postiive changes in thier lives, and have worked in helping roles since 2001, and was aware of beng autistic myself ever since my sons diagnosis 16 years ago. I had a formal identification re autism in 2018, i am an older autist, being nearly 53. Couldnt find the spell checker so forgive the typos, but hello and lovley to be among fellow autists and neurodivergent persons of all types. Looking forward to learning and growing in this amzing space :)