Anyone in Uxbridge, Herts, Bucks, Oxon?

Is anyone in any of these counties?


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Oh, that's a little too fa for a support group, unless you drive? I do drive to Northampton now and again, maybe we should meet ;) What are the counties around Northampton?
I am in Bucks. We have a local group. People seem to know each-other for years and it is difficult to fit into surprisingly.


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Hi im on bucks oxon border and currently not aware of anything local. Have considered setting something up but when we set up regional groups on FIGS they didnt really fly.


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FIGS stands for fighting inequality for girls on the spectrum. Its a group on FB and is a mixed group of Autistics parents and professionals. It was set up to raise the issue of the inequalities of diagnosis and education provision for autistic girls.

I would say the most inclusive time would be evening as workers/autistic parents would be able to attend. We even had a base to run a local group but interest was limited.